Kuba Ka: Bigger than Life

Kuba Ka  Kuba Ka Greek God

From an early age growing up in Poland, Kuba Ka knew he was destined to become a superstar. His vision was to “shine the light of entertainment in the darkest places of the world,” and he has been successful in achieving his goal in more than just one category of entertainment. Starting his path to success as a singer, he has also jumped seamlessly and effectively into the world of modeling and acting.

Kuba Ka     Kuba Ka

Kuba Ka is a creative genius wielding multiple paintbrushes to create exactly the world he wants us to see: An ever-changing, always moving performer who has a number of dazzlingly brilliant tricks up his sleeve. His latest achievement was working with the late Jay Leggett on Live Nude Girls. In Kuba’s role as Krol, he plays a bigger than life gangster Prince from Europe in love with an L.A. showgirl. Clearly, the role was tailor-made for a bigger than life entertainment gangster like Kuba.

Kuba Ka KUBA Ka Live Nude Girls Movie Premiere


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