KUBA Ka Honored By Fans At Film Premeire


As an established star of stage and radio in his native Poland, KUBA Ka decided to try his hand at breaking through to the American market, and, sure enough, his aspirations are coming true. KUBA’s latest project, the big screen action comedy Live Nude Girls, premiered to a sold out house at Hollywood’s palatial Avalon Theatre on August 12th, and all indications are that KUBA has another success on his hands.


Currently hard at work on his forthcoming King of the Night album, KUBA took time out to attend the world premiere of Live Nude Girls in legendary Hollywood style, featuring a wall of photographers and screaming fans on a red carpet outside the theater. KUBA arrived in his Emporio Armani single-sleeved warrior vest, accessorized with a solid gold wrestler’s belt and bracelet designed especially for him by Donatello Versace. KUBA proclaimed the event “epic,” and came away from the premiere exhilarated and encouraged to begin work on his next film.


“What a fantastic night!” KUBA later said about the premiere. “It was my first US movie premiere, and I felt very honored and surprised by my Hollywood fans waiting for me to sign my pictures.” With its giant gold staircase in neon lights, the Avalon Theatre provided an old Hollywood setting to the raucous proceedings, as the cast and audience delighted as KUBA Ka played the character Krol, a European gangster prince who falls in love with an exotic dancer and believes he can take over the nightclub where she works.


Featuring co-stars Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall, and Andy Dick from NewsRadio, Live Nude Girls will be a film to draw Hollywood’s attention to the multi-talented KUBA Ka, and introduce him to American audiences as the emerging stage and screen talent that he is.

To learn more about KUBA Ka, go to: www.kubaka.com





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