KUBA Ka Conquers The Silver Screen


As a child growing up in post-Soviet controlled Poland, singer/rapper KUBA Ka feasted on the movies of his heroes Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and marveled at the musical magic manifested by another hero of his heroes, Michael Jackson. The political and cultural conditions in Poland at that time did not suggest that a young boy growing up there could hope to attain a dream of entering the entertainment industry. Little did KUBA Ka know that all of his dreams would be fulfilled, and then some.


For example, on August 12th of this year, KUBA attended his first Hollywood premiere at the legendary Avalon Theatre for the debut screening of his first American film production Live Nude Girls. The film is an action comedy remake of the 1995 female buddy film of the same name. The new version features KUBA Ka as Krol, a European prince who falls in love with a showgirl, and attempts to take over the nightclub where she works.


Naturally, hilarity ensues as the film’s co-stars, comedy legends Andy Dick and Dave Foley, rival KUBA over supremacy of the nightclub. The Avalon premiere audience, which included the full cast of Live Nude Girls, celebrity guests such as action stars Randy Couture (The Expendables 3) and Najee De-Tiege (Power Rangers Samurai), plus a sold out theater, reacted enthusiastically to the film, and then stuck around for KUBA’s autograph after the event had ended.


In addition, Live Nude Girls also features KUBA’s Sean Garrett produced hit single “Stop Feenin’.” While KUBA Ka had already proven himself as a successful singer, dancer, stage performer, and recording artist, he can now add American screen actor to his list of accomplishments that continues to grow by the day.


To learn more about KUBA Ka, go to: www.kubaka.com





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