KUBA Ka Live Nude Girls Film Premiere “Truly Epic”

When the Jay Leggett directed Live Nude Girls premiered at Hollywood’s legendary Avalon Theater on August 12th, even co-star KUBA Ka was surprised at the tremendous audience reaction it provoked. “It was fantastic,” KUBA remarked regarding the wall of photographers who crowded the red carpet and the legion of fans who waited for him to sign their KUBA Ka pictures. “I felt very honored and surprised by my Hollywood fans,” KUBA enthused. “It was my first Hollywood premiere, and it was truly epic.”

Kuba Ka
KUBA Ka, who is primarily known as a singer/rapper with an outrageous stage show, took to his first performance on the American silver screen with the attitude of a rock star by giving it his all. His role as Krol, a larger than life European gangster prince, allowed KUBA to stretch himself for the occasion and display a side of his talent that American audiences haven’t seen before. The sold out crowd at the Avalon Theatre shouted their approval at the film, and the cast and celebrities in attendance knew immediately that the film is going to be a hit.

Kuba Ka
Despite this being KUBA’s first American film, he comes well prepared as a seasoned stage performer whose concerts have been characterized as “electrifying,” but also as someone who has made numerous film and television appearances in his homeland of Poland. It was clear at the August 12th premiere, though, that KUBA stole the show in Live Nude Girls, trading his acting chops with comedy veterans Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) and Andy Dick (The Ben Stiller Show). With a new album in the works (King of the Night) which will be followed by a tour, and a new film on release featuring his hit single “Stop Feenin’,” KUBA Ka is letting America know that he is here.

Kuba Ka
To learn more about KUBA Ka, go to: www.kubaka.com


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