KUBA Ka A Hit In Live Nude Girls

KUBA Ka, the self-confessed “Stage Animal” from Poland, has added another credit to his long list of accomplishments with a featured role in the recently released Hollywood film Live Nude Girls. The movie premiered on August 12th at the palatial Avalon Theatre in Hollywood to a sold out crowd who came to share in the fun with many celebrities, the cast of the film, and KUBA Ka himself. KUBA was dressed for the occasion in a custom designed one-sleeved Emporio Armani vest, with matching solid gold bracelets and wrestling belt designed by Donatello Versace.

Kuba Ka
The film is about a nephew who inherits his uncle’s gentleman’s club in Los Angeles. KUBA plays the role of Krol, a European gangster prince who falls in love with a particular showgirl and begins to behave like he owns the place. The crowd responded enthusiastically, as KUBA recalled what a “fantastic” night it was, with a wall of photographers at the entrance of the Avalon, and his fans waiting outside with his pictures for him to sign. KUBA described the premiere as “epic,” and can’t wait to begin work on his next picture so he can experience this again.

Kuba Ka
Live Nude Girls also features KUBA’s Sean Garrett produced smash “Stop Feenin’,” which is available on iTunes, and will also appear on King of the Night, the new album that KUBA is currently hard at work on. Although KUBA is renowned for his megawatt stage performances and his energetic pop fusion hit singles, this is his first performance in an American film, despite appearing frequently in films and on television in his native Poland. If his fans’ reaction to his appearance in Live Nude Girls is any indication, KUBA Ka has a ready-made audience for many more Hollywood films to come.

Kuba Ka
To learn more about KUBA Ka, go to: www.kubaka.com


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