KUBA Ka’s Hit “Stop Feenin’” in Live Nude Girls

KUBA Ka has been a top selling recording artist in his native Poland since he was 15-years-old, and now he is planning a full scale assault on the American airwaves. In anticipation of KUBA’s featured role in the soon to be released action comedy Live Nude Girls, KUBA’s 2013 “Stop Feenin’,” a chart topping collaboration with Sean Garrett (Usher, Nicki Minaj), will be released in a video trailer prior to the film’s August 19th American debut. It has been a long way to come from KUBA’s hometown of Gdansk, Poland to Hollywood.

Kuba Ka

KUBA, who actually started his performing career as a 5-year-old, knew from the very beginning that he was born for the stage. While still in his teens, he organized humanitarian benefits which featured such celebrities as Whitney Houston, LaToya Jackson, and Vanessa Redgrave. KUBA would eventually receive much recognition for his humanitarian efforts, being awarded accolades from Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Animals, ELLE magazine Poland, and the international YACH film festival, for his video “Streets of Freedom.”

Kuba Ka

KUBA, who refers to the state of his childhood country as a “post-Communistic and grey reality,” began performing American-style shows to a surprised public, and has been following his own vision ever since. He still commits to humanitarian causes, such as his recent support for the non-profit Face Forward, a Beverly Hills organization that offers free reconstructive surgery for victims of domestic violence. He is also building his own humanitarian organization, the “KUBA Ka Army of Lights.”

Kuba Ka

KUBA Ka has come a long way from organizing his own charity shows in Poland to wearing stage costumes designed by Donatello Versace, and having one of his own songs featured in a Hollywood film. As his performance in Live Nude Girls indicates, this is only the beginning of KUBA Ka’s spectacular American journey.

To learn more about KUBA Ka, go to: www.kubakaempire.com


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