KUBA Ka Will Get Your Attention With Live Nude Girls

When KUBA Ka first launched his career as a multifaceted musical entertainer in his native Poland, the country was just beginning to emerge from decades of Communist rule into the democracy that it is today. Poland was still Communist when KUBA was born, so he got to experience the growing pains of difficult cultural change firsthand, inspiring a humanitarian streak in him that shines undiminished today. Presently, KUBA is working to establish his own philanthropic enterprise, the “KUBA Ka Army of Lights” humanitarian organization which aims, in KUBA’s own words, to “shine the light of entertainment in the darkest places of the World.”

Kuba Ka

Since the age of five, KUBA Ka has shined a light on the injustices that proliferate throughout society with the power of his unique and inspirational entertainment. As a teenager, KUBA organized and performed benefits for such important humanitarian causes as UNICEF, the RSPCA, and flood victims of Poland. In 2001, KUBA led a gathering of journalists to various animal shelters in central Poland to alert the public of the illegal sales of abused horses. KUBA’s lifelong love of animals and support for their humane treatment has informed much of his work time and again throughout his career.

Kuba Ka

The critically acclaimed “Stage Animal” is currently promoting his latest effort, a remake of the 1995 comedy Live Nude Girls. The film, which originally starred Dana Delany, Kim Cattrall, and Olivia d’Abo, is KUBA Ka’s first American cinematic venture, although he has been featured in many films in Poland. KUBA plays a European gangster who falls in love with a stripper. In addition, his Sean Garrett produced megahit “Stop Feenin’” features prominently in the film, as well as in its accompanying trailer. “Stop Feenin’” is from KUBA’s upcoming release King of the Night, his debut American CD. Between his burgeoning entertainment empire, and his prolific humanitarian work, KUBA Ka is sure to capture the attention of the American public in 2014.

Kuba Ka

To learn more about KUBA Ka, go to: http://www.kubakaempire.com


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