KUBA KA – Building An Empire


“Empires weren’t built in a day – it takes our time, sweat and belief to build what we dream about!” ~KUBA Ka

Kuba Ka Elvis Presley Apollo Cover

KUBA Ka reveals during a personal interview that, “From my very early on in my childhood, I felt the force of nature to become an entertainer. That’s who I am – driven by all parts of me. The stage is my life, showbiz is my world!” KUBA Ka knew he was born and destined to become a worldwide phenomenon, born in Gdansk Poland, KUBA had dreams of making it worldwide. With this in mind, KUBA started working to perfect his craft at the tender age of 5.


At 14 years old, he served as an Ambassador in Poland to the United Nations, UNICEF and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Only a short year later, teenage KUBA Ka held and hosted a UNICEF charity event with actress Vanessa Redgrave, performing in front of a packed audience, showing his innate power to bring people together. In his late teenage years, KUBA was featured in ELLE (Poland) magazine as one of the Greatest Men Alive. He has also been acknowledged throughout Poland for his influence on the arts community. KUBA Ka has accomplished more at his young age than many accomplish throughout a lifetime.


KUBA Ka is known for his 2013 hit song  “Stop Feenin.” Which will be featured in the upcoming 2014 film adaptation of ‘Live Nude Girls’. KUBA creates music for everyone, from his techno dance music which is popular in the L.A. club scene, to his urban tracks like “Come to America”  which he collaborated with colorful Public Enemy American rapper Flavor Flav. KUBA’s willingness to work with artists in any genre mirrors his desire to unify people by focusing on commonalities and not differences in an effort to build loyal subjects in his utopian kingdom.



Kuba Ka Downtown LA



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