Kuba Ka Aims High in the Many Categories of Entertainment

Kuba Ka is a powerhouse of entertainment and adventure. His creative vision is his way of life, while his empathy for the needy of the world is his inspiration. He has been hitting the stage, wowing audiences with his mega-watt performances since the age of five.  Frank Dileo, former manager to Michael Jackson, saw Kuba’s uniqueness and creative versatility and signed on to represent him in 2010, making Kuba his first client since Michael Jackson’s death.

Kuba Ka

Frank Dileo believed in Kuba’s strength as a performer, and that his “one-of-a-kind talent will translate extraordinarily with US and international audiences.” And indeed, it does. Kuba’s talent has translated across multiple entertainment mediums including music, acting, and modeling. Kuba Ka is proud that he uses his powerful influence as a high-octane entertainer to raise funds and awareness to humanitarian causes around the world. In 2001, he was awarded with the prominent title, “Protector Animales” in recognition of his continual philanthropic pursuits.

Kuba Ka

As a multi-faceted entertainer, Kuba Ka has several credits to his name in the music industry. Kuba Ka’s hits include the single, “Combat,” his collaborative hit with Flavor Flav, “Come to America,” the Sean Garrett written and produced hit, “Stop Feenin’,” the hot dance song produced by Steve “Silk” Hurley, “Physical Attraction,” and the club mix, “In the Streets.” He attended the 2012 Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has also formed his own entertainment company, KUBA Ka Empire Inc. which serves as both a production company and music label.

Kuba Ka

Kuba’s hit, “Streets of Freedom” is dedicated to the late Diana Princess of Wales. Princess Diana is a huge source of inspiration for Kuba because of her tireless dedication to humanitarian causes. Through this song, Kuba hopes to send a universal message to all cultures in all nations, to make the world a better, safer place by asking for peace and freedom in the streets.

Kuba Ka

Kuba Ka’s warrior attitude and presence has earned him worldwide recognition as the Prince of Entertainment. For Kuba, there is no line between his personal and professional lives. Kuba has established a kingdom of fans and followers through several different modes of entertainment that have subsequently created a spotlight for him and his many charitable causes.

Kuba Ka


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