Kuba Ka – Action Addict, Workaholic and Zealous Philanthropist

Kuba Ka is a singer, a rapper, and a global sensation. He has been entertaining audiences since the age of five, and is driven by the desire to help those who need it most. As the “Entertainment Prince,” Kuba Ka is able to capture the attention of millions of people world-wide with his talent, and shed light on both animal and humanitarian causes.


At the tender age of 14, Kuba undertook the international charity show, “Kuba Stepniak Invites.” This charity show took place in Poland at the Sopot Forest Opera amphitheater where celebrities such as Chuck Berry and Whitney Houston have also performed. As the youngest ever Polish pop culture icon performing  in front of thousands live, and millions via the television, that night Kuba Ka raised a handsome amount  of money to donate to animals in need.


Growing up in Poland, Kuba fought hard against the government to even be able to create an impact on the community. Political figures were wary of Kuba and his mission, but charity always drove him to succeed, despite all. Kuba is proud of the fact that his charity events have been supported by the United Nations, Unicef and RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).


To the American public, Kuba Ka is best known as a singer and actor who recently teamed up with Laurieann Gibson, a creative director who won a VMA award for her choreography work with Lady Gaga. Kuba Ka has also been in the major film productions, Live Nude Girls, directed by Jay Leggett, Creating a Pop Sensation, directed by Jonah Aimz, and LA Live the Show.


For Kuba, there is no distinction between his personal and professional lives. His approach to life is exhibited by his twister-like dynamism, wherein he is driven to create new formats for entertainment because he loves to exhilarate his audience and infuse them with his high-octane energy. One such example is one of Kuba’s newest ventures – creating KUBA Ka Empire in Las Vegas. Designed as a casino resort by Tom Wright of Atkins Global, KUBA Ka Empire promises to offer “a breathtaking show and the most adventurous entertainment destination yet.”



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