KUBA KA – One of the Biggest Humanitarians in the Entertainment Industry

KUBA Ka is known for giving outrageously high energetic performances in front of thousands of adoring fans and he continues to electrify on lookers. He has produced dance hits in the pop, hip-hop and rap genres, and also starred in his first major American film “Live Nude Girls” in 2014. KUBA has also been featured in the TV specials “Creating a Pop Sensation” in 2011 and “LA Live the Show” in 2013. His ultra-high energy shows have earned him such titles such as “Entertainment Prince,” and “Stage Animal.”


But what far outweighs both his musical and acting successes are his philanthropic ones. Hailing from Poland, KUBA understands the brutal reality of economic hardship that many face and from a very early age, he felt a calling to give back to the community; it has been a way of life for him ever since. Seeing his people in despair, KUBA developed a unique way to impact the lives of generations through his humanitarian activities. As a charismatic leader with the ability to charm the masses with his talents, KUBA Ka has used his gifts to help support The United Nations, UNICEF and RSPCA, an organization developed to fight cruelty to animals.


At the tender of age of 14, KUBA organized and participated in a series of international charity concerts titled KUBA and Friends along with many other celebrities aimed at helping thousands of impoverished people. In addition to the concert series, KUBA Ka hosted an event with the legendary vocal group, Boney M. and performed as the lead entertainer, the funds collected from this event helped poor children and animals in need. KUBA realized the wide global reach he has as an entertainer and through his stage performances is able to reach millions of people to help raise money for good causes.


KUBA also enlists the help from his celebrity friends in an effort to help poor children all over the world. For Christmas in 2001, he hosted a Gala at the Warsaw Congress Hall in Poland where legendary actress Vanessa Redgrave was KUBA’S special guest. The charity event received a tremendous reception and KUBA performed that evening with many other celebrities, raising a very large amount of funds for UNICEF, the honorary patron.


KUBA Ka strategically uses his fame to further humanitarian causes by headlining and organizing many expeditions accompanied by reporters, to animal shelters and underground animal markets to expose the travesties of animal suffering globally. KUBA Ka is certain that through his fame and worldwide reach, he will be able to make the world a better place.



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