KUBA Ka – His High Energy Has Made Him the Ultimate Showman and Stage Animal

KUBA ka has been a high-energy entertainer since the age of 5. His high-octane stage performances earned him the moniker “Stage Animal. This powerhouse of energy and entertainment excels not just in singing, but dancing and acting as well. KUBA Ka has appeared in numerous TV, radio and live shows. KUBA Ka is the youngest mega-star on record in his birthplace, Poland.


From early on in his life, KUBA’S only dream was to be an extraordinary performer in the pop culture industry. His talents as a performer were evident before the age of ten and showcased to the public in Gdansk, where he performed on every stage possible. In 1998, at the ripe age of eleven, he caught the eye of industry watchers after winning the local Odyssey of the Mind Festival. This success propelled him and his talents to the States, where his amazing artistry is admired internationally.


KUBA Ka creates pop, hip-hop and rap music and has made numerous dance hits in the USA and Europe. Popular songs like, “Physical Attraction,” “Streets of Freedom,” “Combat,” “Come to America,” and “Moonboy” are just some of the hot singles in his body of work.


The Late celebrity music manager Frank Dileo took KUBA under his wings once he evolved from being a child performer and primed him for his U.S. debut. Before KUBA, Frank Dileo represented none other than the legendary Michael Jackson; KUBA was the first client after Michael Jackson that Dileo chose to represent. Frank describes KUBA Ka as an incredibly unique and versatile performer with an imaginative dynamic vision. KUBA’S first single with Universal titled, “In the Streets” premiered at the Miami Dance Music Festival becoming a huge sensation, living up to Dileo’s high praise.


KUBA’S production and advisory teams include outstanding members of the music industry. His advisor, “Hollywood Street King” Raffles Van Exel has also advised major superstars including Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan. Steve “Silk” Hurley is among KUBA’S production team, and is known as a legendary DJ and music producer. Hurley produced KUBA’S hot dance song “Physical Attraction” and the club-mix of “In the Streets.”



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